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Balanced Health
Couples Retreat
Tamarindo, Costa Rica

A Romantic Destination with Sessions of Life-changing Health Training.

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Are you a Married Business Owner wanting to keep his Physical, Relational, and Financial Health?

The Only Balanced Health Event For Couples!

This Invitation Only Event is one-of-a kind! The Costa Rica Destination Training will help business owners who struggle with yo-yo balance to finally have long-term stabilized balance in their life while growing and scaling their business through...

Shared Health, Relationship and Financial Goals!!!

5 Days

Soak in the warm sun, adventure in the jungle paradise, or enjoy the famous town of
Tamarindo, Costa Rica

3 Sessions

Learn together to transform how you achieve goals together and keep your Balance for life!

1 Amazing Adventure

This tropical destination is one of the safest and most enjoyable locations in the world!

Who is Dr. Parry?

Dr. Parry began his career as a financial advisor and quickly began overwhelmed with the demands of work, school, home, and neglected his health. He found himself in the workaholic trap like many other dads who are balancing growing a business and being there for the family.

After his father suddenly died at age 49 of a stress-induced heart attack, Dr. Parry left financial services and set out on a journey to study the root causes of heart disease. His study of stress led him to a Masters Degree in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Family Relations and Human Development.

He discovered the root of all bad stress comes from not living your highest priorities or in other words being out of balance. After he discovered the method to aligning priorities with time he was able to get out of the workaholic trap. Dr. Parry committed his life to helping dads all over the world to achieve balance in all areas of life.

Travis founded the Make Time Institute which has helped thousands of business owners in all 50 states to grow balanced businesses. He is an international keynote speaker and the host of the Balanced Growth Show, a Feedspot Top 25 Podcast.

However, his greatest accomplishment in life is husband to his wife of 21 years and father to their 8 amazing children.

Check Out the Location

Costa Rica

Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica

This Tamarindo Beach Resort offers an unmatched location on the sands of the famous Tamarindo Beach in Costa Rica.

Right outside our doors, you will find a diverse array of Tamarindo tours, activities, and excursions on land, sea, and air. 

From lounging on the famous "Endless Summer 2" Tamarindo Beach location where you can surf, swimming in the 85 degree water or relax on the sun-scorched beach, you will love it here.

Or go inland for horseback riding, tubing, hiking volcanos, or zip-lining through the lush jungles-you can't go wrong in this paradise location.

Discussion Overview

Couples who are on the same team going the same direction are significantly more likely to achieve their individual, marriage, and money goals! This 3-day retreat will ultimately change how you both work on goals and become the balanced couple that you were meant to be!

Day 1 of the training is on Holistic Physical and Mental Health!
Dr. Parry has studied stress, blocks and limiting beliefs, heart disease, and long-term health from a psychological, biological, and family approach. This is not your average training of workout and eat right, this is a holistic deep psychological training meant to get past your limiting blocks and beliefs systems to change and even save your life!

Day 2 is focused on your marriage and family relationships. Dr. Parry holds a Ph.D. in Family Relations and is a sought after expert and his wife holds a B.S. in Marriage Family and Human Development. They have 8 children, 2 of which that they have raise to adulthood. This presentation is about to change how you view every relationship in your life for good.

Day 3 is all about the psychological and relational aspects of money. As a financial advisor Travis was helping clients for years with their financial goals but found holes in the traditional ways of money management. His studies in psychology and family relations bring a holistic view to what your goals are. This isn't insurance and investments this is everything else that financial advisors don't teach you to achieve your wealth and legacy goals!

Day 1

Individual Health

Day 2

Relational Health

Day 3

Financial Health

Everything you need to know

Event Schedule

Checkin to Your Sunset View Room Sunday Feb 25
Breakfast is included each morning. You are on your own for lunches and dinners.
Check-out is Thursday Feb 29

The Schedule for the Retreat is as follows:

Feb 26 (Monday) - Day 1


Individual Health: Achieving Your Individual Health Goals Together. 


Personal Vacation Time (Beach, Jungle Tours, Horseback Riding, ATV, etc.)

Feb 27 (Tuesday) - Day 2


Relational Health: Achieving your Relationships Goals and Holistic Intimacy.  


Personal Vacation Time (Beach, Jungle Tours, Horseback Riding, ATV, etc.)

Feb 28 (Wednesday) - Day 3


Financial Health: Achieving Your Shared Financial Goals and Leaving a Legacy.


Personal Vacation Time (Beach, Jungle Tours, Horseback Riding, ATV, etc.)

Personal Vacation Time Options

Balanced Life Couples Retreat

Investment Breakdown

We have created the Ultimate Costa Rican Couples Adventure to help you achieve your life's goals together. As a couple you will experience the best of Costa Rica's beaches and jungles along with world-class training from International Bestselling Author Dr. Travis Parry.

As a Business Owner the ROI for you to be a more balanced has incredible reach and the networking with other business owners. In addition, taking time off is always helpful for business owners to come back with new ideas and habits!

We have secured 10 spots at a 4-star Beach Front Property that is otherwise sold out for the month of February. We have done the heavy lifting with the venue, training, and location.

All you have to do is get here and decide how you want to spend your afternoons and evenings together!!!

1. 4-star sold-out beach front property in Tamarindo, Costa Rice
(Value $5,000)

2. Dr. Parry and Angela Parry training on physical, relational, and financial health
(Valued at $15,000)

3. Networking Opportunity with other highly successful business owners ($2,500)

=Total Value-$22,500

Investment for both $22,500 $10,000

Secure Your Spot with Deposit of $5,000 (balance due on Jan 1, 2024)

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